Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Lucy likes MAC (scarily big haul)


It feels like I haven't blogged in fecking ages and I've definitely been missing it! It's been a little bit mental this month with dissertation drafts and what not, but I've finally got my work under control and have a LOT of bits to show you!

Because I've been working non-stop, I haven't had time to go out or do anything fun so I've been hitting the online shops hard! I thought in this blog post I'd show you my most recent MAC purchases and then in the next few show you some clothes (all about the pastels!).

Top Row: Pro Longwear foundation (NW20), Viva Glam Nicki, Girl About Town,
Vegas Volt, Shy Girl, Eyeshadow Palette: Mulch, Mineralism and Woodwinked
Bottom Row: Daylight  (Naturally Collection)  , In the Sun (Naturally Collection),
Cream Colour Base in Fawntastic, Powder Blush in Desert Rose
Right I'll start with the lipsticks as I am absolutely loving them all!

L to R: Viva Glam Nicki, Girl About Town, Vegas Volt, Shy Girl

I think the most wearable of the four lipsticks has got to be Shy Girl - a subtle coral-based nude that I have literally been wearing every day since I bought it. Think it may have actually overtaken Hue as my favourite MAC day lipstick.
The other three are a bit more bold and have been wearing them for more special occasions. I'm so impressed by how long they last and are really moisturising. Got to say, Girl about Town is my favourite out of the three, with Viva Glam coming a close second. Vegas Volt is such a nice milky coral lipstick which doesn't really suit my colouring at the moment but I think it will look so much better with a bit of a tan!

L to R: In the Sun, Top row of palette: Mulch, Mineralism;
Bottom: Woodwinked, Daylight
L to R: In the Sun, Daylight, Woodwinked, Mulch
I thought it was time to start buying a few palettes because I'm beginning to misplace a few of my eyeshadows  and plus they look so pretty in it! Had a few issues depotting them initially, explaining the chip out of Woodwinked :(. I absolutely love the Naturally Collection and think the mineralize eye shadows look absolutely bloody beautiful in the pan and even better swatched. In the Sun is a really warm gold with violet running through, whilst Daylight is more peachy with lilac veining. Woodwinked is such a gorgeous golden shadow whilst Mulch is perfect to use in the crease.

Cream Colour Base in Fawntastic, Pro Longwear Foundation in NW20,
Powder Blush in Desert Rose

Finally, I got a few basics. I've been persevering with this foundation for a few weeks and I've got to say, I'm not that fond of it. It's a really good colour match, which I'm happy about, and I do like the finish (not too matte, not too dewy). I'm just not a fan of this stickiness after application. It doesn't sit nicely on my skin, whatsoever. It also looks very cakey, which I initially thought was because I'd slapped on a little bit too much, but having attempted to use a lot less and blending in wasn't really that much better. The blush, on the other hand, is a massive hit! It's such a brightening colour and a nice change from the peaches I've been reaching for recently. Fawntastic is a nice base for the eyelid and I think it'll be a great highlighter with a tan!

What are you favourite MAC products?
Can't wait to get reading your blogs again, been really missing out!
Have a marvelous Monday!

Lots of love,
Lucy xxx