Thursday, 12 January 2012

Lucy likes night out preparations!

Hiya guys!

How are you all doing?! Have you had a good week so far?

I came back to uni last weekend expecting to have a lecture-filled week, but have so far only had one (all the rest have been cancelled, which I am loving!). So, instead of doing some preparatory reading, I went into town and bought some products in preparation for going out tomorrow night!

I'm not entirely sure what I'm wearing, or even where we're going as of yet, but I do know that I'm going to do a blue/silver toned smokey eye with nude lips and have wavy hair. Not too adventurous admittedly, but I am just SO excited to wear make up again! (Tomorrow I will have gone a WHOLE week without wearing an ounce of make up which is unheard of for me) I just fancied a bit of a detox, in my diet and on my face, so this week I've been keeping it simple with the skincare, cooking everything from scratch and doing the 30 Day Shred daily. I've gotta say it's worked an absolute treat; my skin feels so much more balanced and clear, and I've lost four pounds!

I think that's probably one of the reasons why I'm so looking forward to tomorrow evening; my favourite part of a night out has got to be getting ready with friends beforehand, doing your make up and having a few drinks - bloody heaven - and it'll be made so much better having not played with make up for a while!

Sorry for rambling so bloody much! As I said, the reason for this post was to show you some of the treats I bought whilst shopping today. (Apologies for the awful light and the massive soot mark caused by my bloody candle on the wall, I only just got home and was so excited with my purchases, just had to show you!)

I'm going to get back from lectures around five-ish and jump straight into the bath to use the wash I showed in my last post (link!). I'm also going to use these bad boys!

From L to R: re-nu Fullness and Body Pre-Shampoo Treatment (RRP £35.99) £5 TKMaxx; Dove Intensive Repair  Shampoo and Express Treatment Conditioner Superdrug; Tecna Relaxing Balm (RRP £11) £2 TKMaxx; Tresemme 24 Hour Body Amplified Hairspray
I'm really looking forward to using the Pre-Shampoo Treatment as it sounds a bit different and anything that could potentially help with volume sounds good to me! I'll definitely let you know how I get on with it!
Also, really looking forward to trying Dove's new range and the conditioner looks lush! 

Not entirely sure about the Relaxing Balm seeing as I want to make my hair a bit wavy, but I may change my mind! 

Finally, picked up this hairspray as Pixiwoo recommended it in a video a while ago, as I need something to keep waves in but not make it stupidly stiff and actually weight it down! My hair always seems to go so flat on a night out so any recommendations on how to keep it voluminous would be so appreciated!

I haven't decided how to do my nails just yet as I don't know what I'm wearing, but I thought I'd use some of the No. 7 vouchers I've been hoarding recently to buy a couple of new shades. Absolutely love these colours, loving pastels for spring and a nude polish is so nice for the daytime. Also, I absolutely LOVE Primark's false nails, they feel so natural when on and last forever, plus they have a really good range of sizes (wouldn't recommend their glue though). 

Had to try Mac's Mineralise Skin Finish Natural in Medium Plus as I haven't, as of yet, found a powder than looks natural; I'm hoping this will do the trick and keep my make up on all night! 

Gotta wear some false eyelashes with a smokey eye so I went for some trusty winged Eyelure lashes. 

Finally, bought No. 7's BB cream as I've got run out of my Garnier one and really fancied trying a bit new; love the fact that they have a couple of options to suit different skin types as well!

I think I've definitely rambled enough now, sorry if this has been really boring, I'm just really looking forward to tomorrow!
What are you hair care and pampering essentials when going out?
I'd love to hear about your going out preparations and if you've got anything special planned for this weekend?

I really hope you've all had a fab Thursday!
Lots of love,
Lucy xxxx


  1. Great haul :) Hope you have a fab night out xx

  2. Lovely post! Try blow-drying your hair upside down and backcombing it all, I also swear by Tresemma Freeze hold hairspray! I am exactly the same as you, love buying new products before a big night out and having a pamper! The MAC powder is fab too, very natural looking & minerals which are great for your skin.. winner!! Xx.

  3. Ooooo mineralise skinfinish natural is an amazing powder!

  4. Ooh, a review of the No7 BB Cream would be interesting, I've not heard much about how it matches up to the Garnier version!
    I'm kinda jealous that you have the motivation to do a detox and eat healthily... I'm still going through my christmas chocs haha, oops!

    Phoebe x

    inbeautyland blog

  5. I'd love to know how you get on with the BB cream, I've been using the 17 one but might upgrade!

  6. I swear getting ready and having a few drinks with your friends is the best part of a night out haha! Great stuff, hope you have a fab night out! x

  7. Getting ready (and pre-drinking!) is the best part of any night. Fact. Who needs to leave the house?

  8. I really want to try the MAC powder. Great haul and post as usual

  9. A great haul!

  10. ready!great haul


  11. I very seldom go into TKMaxx for anything.

    Great haul!

  12. I've gone a whole week without make-up! It's so liberating!

    Missing Amsie Blog

  13. I love getting ready with friends!! We pool together our wardrobes and share clothes :)
    I need powder defs cos I get sweaty on the dancefloor, and then a small compact mirror and lipgloss!


  14. I love MACs mineralized skinfinishes!!!
    They work amazingly!

    xoxo, maria

  15. I can't tell you the last time I have went a whole week without makeup! Even if I am not going to be leaving the house, I still put on makeup which i guess is a bit of a waste. I love getting ready to go out, the preparations are almost as good as actually being out! Buying new things is always fun.
    Please do a review on the No7 BB cream, i use the Garnier one.


  16. @Laura Thank you hun, I had such a good night but feel bloody awful today! Hope you're having a good weekend! xxx

    @CoutureGirl I did this last night and it worked a treat! Stayed mahusive all night! Thank you! And I absolutely loved using the mac powder, so bloody good! xxx

    @x-Makeup-Meoww-x I knoooowww! I am so absolutely in LOVE with it! xxx

    @inbeautyland I'll definitely do a comparison review of the BB creams in the next few days! My detox has been ruined today, cannot face 30 day shred, and having a dominos for dinner - lush! xxx

    @daisychain I haven't tried the 17 BB cream but I'm definitely going to do a comparison review of the Garnier and No 7 one in the next few days :) xxx

    @Kath Thank you!! Hope you're having a brilliant weekend! xxx

    @Rebecca Haha so true, I was having so much fun at pre-drinks, I didn't want to leave, but so glad I did now! Hope you're having a great weekend xxx

    @Nicola Glad you liked it! I would definitely recommend the Mac powder after last night! It was bloody brilliant! xxx

    @Suddenly I See I really love having a proper look through when I've got time on my hands. Have to fish through a lot of rubbish normally though! xxx

    @Wida Isn't it so good?! The first few days were awful but I'm loving it now; takes so much less time to get ready in the morning now! xxx

    @Stace Haha I was in definite need of powder last night, it was ridiculous! xxx

    @paintedREDDD They really do don't they?! SO much better than normal powder, so natural I am such a fan :) xxx

    @HollyMcKie Haha sounds like me! I absolutely love putting make up on. I'll definitely do a comparison review in the next few days, thank you for the suggestion! xxx

  17. thanks for your sweet comment dear! The shade of the lipstick is 1AE, pure color long lasting lipstick.

    1. Ah thanks so much! It's absolutely gorgeous! NEED to get that next time I'm in town xxx


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