Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Lucy likes a bargain (another bloody SALE HAUL!), as well as optimistic resolutions!

Hi all!

First of all, I just wanted to wish everyone a really happy new year! I hope 2012 is bloomin' brilliant for all of you, and I'm sure it will be. I'm a little scared about this year, to be honest. I graduate in June (hopefully!) and turn 21 in July so it's time to be a proper adult sadly! I've made a few new years resolutions, which I think are realistic so am praying that I actually stick to them:

1) WORK HARDER! I definitely need to start studying a little bit more (lots of extra reading and going to ALL lectures, only one proper term left) so I've got myself a cute diary and proper stationary to help me keep on top of things.

2) EXERCISE! I've bought Jillian Micheal's 30 Day Shred (Link!) DVD as it's only 20 minutes of exercise a day and there are three levels, so room for progression. I think twenty minutes is definitely doable and I'm going to make my housemates do it with me so we encourage each other and keep motivated. I'd also like to get into running again once it gets slightly warmer.

3) FEWER WISPA GOLDS! I am unhealthily addicted to Wispa Golds, they're just so damn good, and I really need to kick the habit. Going to try to replace them with Options hot chocolate as that's low in calories and then finally fruit (ideally!)

Hopefully sticking to 2) and 3) will lead to me losing the Christmas chunk, and 1) isn't too unrealistic!

I've absolutely loved reading about all of your new years resolutions, and they've made me feel a lot more motivated about keeping to mine!

Secondly, as the title suggests, I hit the sales again, couldn't resist! I got myself a couple of pairs of shoes, a jacket, a ring and some make-up-y bits.

Got these beauties from Bank: originally: £25, down to £6!!
I've been wanting a simple black loafer for ages but have struggled to find a pair that were comfortable, sturdy and patent.
These are SO comfortable as they have a lot of cushioning in them.
I could not believe that they were SIX POUNDS!
They also had them in Oxblood, a deep red, which were absolutely gorgeous but they only had them in fairly big sizes, bad times.

Select (again!): Originally: £25, down to £12
I really love shoe boots, and constantly wear them when out. I bought these as I love an almond toe and wanted a chunky heel instead of a wedge, for a change. They're so comfortable and cut at a really flattering part of the ankle. I just won a navy vintage beaded top on eBay (will show you it when it comes!) and I think these boots would look so good with the top and standard wet-look leggings.
New Look: Originally £44.99, down to £9!Recently, I haven't been too keen on New Look and have struggled to find many pieces that I really liked. Because of this, I wasn't really expecting much when I had a quick look in their sale. Saying that, I cannot believe this jacket was NINE POUNDS! I think £9 for a coat is insane, especially one with such cute detailing around the collar and pockets. It falls to just below the hip and has a slight a-line shape, which I am a fan of.
Topshop: (L to R; clockwise) Ring: Originally £12.50, down to £6.25; Lip Balm (in Dew): Originally £4, down to £1;  Eyeshadow Mousse (in Tundra): Originally £8, down to £2
I had my eye on this ring for a while, as I absolutely love quirky, animal rings. The lip balm is really moisturising and is ever so slightly pink-y so it's nice to use throughout the day as I really like a natural lip (can't really go wrong for a pound). The Eyeshadow Mousse (swatch below) is honestly brilliant! It's such a gorgeous colour and just does not crease like normal mousse formulations. It stays on for absolutely ages as well so if you see it, I'd definitely recommend getting it! I absolutely love the mousse in Glint but they were all out in the Topshop I was looking in.

Right that's all of my sale purchases and I really need to stop spending now! I think in my next post I'm going to go through my favourite products of 2011 (better late than never!).

Let me know what you think of my purchases and if you've had anymore successes!
Also please let me know about your resolutions; I'd be so grateful for any tips for effective exercising or organisation!

Hope you have a super Tuesday,

Lots of love,
Lucy xxx


  1. WOW! You found some amazing purchases! The topshop things are such a bargain and £9 for that gorgeous coat? whaa?

    Amazing finds!


  2. @Nicola Hahaha I know! I thought that it just had the wrong sticker on it! Don't you just love that feeling?! xxxx

  3. The first pair of shoes are amazing! Especially for that price.


  4. Good look with your resolutions! :-)
    I wanted to try the 30 day shred, but even 20 minutes a day sounds too much for me...must get out of lazy mindset!
    our resolutions are quite similar haha xx

  5. that ring is a beaut! im also going to try and work harder this year but there's so many distractions! :) xx

  6. i'm so looking forward to my sale haul in london next week! yours is amazing.

  7. Thank you for the lovely comment :) Good luck with your resolutions!
    You have managed to get some great bargains, the coat is such a lovely colour <3
    Carissa xx

  8. @lrmx: hahah I know what you mean, when I'm doing it it feels like bloody forever especially. I've also started doing 8 minute abs/arms/tums/bums on youtube which are so old school but so effective!

    @Bethan: so glad you like the ring! I have NO many similar, need to start buying something a bit different!

  9. @Demi Thank you, so glad you like! xxxx

    @daisychain Hahah so happy you like them! I am such a fan of them, especially when they're so cheap! xxxx

  10. i love the ring and the makeup from topshop- i still haven't been to the topshop sale, really hope there's some left xx

  11. @Ellie Burns: There were definitely a fair few rails left when I went into the one nearest to me today. I'd recommend the makeup sale from their smoke and mirrors collection, it's all so cheap! Let me know if you find any goodies! xxxx

  12. great buys I love the second ones.. im a new follower.. x

  13. i like your blog!

  14. cute loafers, and love the bright blue of that jacket!


  15. @Yolandaas Thank you for following! Glad you liked them! xxxx

    @viva LA jenny Oh thanks, so glad you like it! xxx

    @Tidbits of Addiction: Thank you!! Yeah the colour was definitely what drew me to the jacket! xxx

  16. What awesome deals, I really like the first pair of shoes so fancy.

  17. How pretty is that New Look electric blue coat! Xo

  18. Thats great! Im really happy I signed up to a gym again.. its great.. xx

  19. @♥beauxs mom they do look quite fancy don't they! I was so surprised by how cheap they were. They feel so sturdy and expensive! xx

    @Dora I absolutely love bright coats, especially for £9! xx

  20. Thos loafers were a steal, I want! I was browsing that coat last week on the New look website and I couldn't decide whether to get it or not, such a great price and so nice, but I'm currently in 30 degree heat, go figure! I could keep it for when I'm home though!

    Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog!

  21. you just commented on my blog so Ive hopped over to check yours out and ooomg you found some lush loafers..and £6!!! j.christ. AND they do them in oxblood.. I am literally going to RUN to my local Bank store tomorrow morning and pray theres still some in the sale.
    Thanks chic :)


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