Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Lucy likes Christmas


I hope everybody had an absolutely brilliant Christmas, with lots of friends and family, food, alcohol and presents! I had such a nice day although I feel so chunky after all the celebratory eating!

I thought I'd show you all a few of my favourite presents (or at least, ones I thought you'd find most interesting!) and then show you a few bits that I got over the past few days in the sales. I'm driving up to see my boyfriend in the next couple of days so will let you know what he's got me when I've unwrapped them as well!

My family got me some really lovely presents this year, which was so bloomin' sweet and I know I'm going to be using them all to death!

I got a new camera (Nikon Coolpix S4150) which is so dinky and brilliant to keep on me when I'm out; we went to get this on Christmas Eve (cutting it fine!) from Jessops and it was reduced from £179.95 to £74.95 - what a bargain! It's a touch screen which sounds fancy but I'm hoping that the fanciness won't make it actually more difficult to use, if you know what I mean!

I also got Illamasqua's 'Freak' which I am really in love with; I go round sniffing my wrists all day long at the moment! My friends (and probably the sales assistants) will just be glad they no longer have to go to Selfridges with me everytime we're shopping just for a cheeky sniff.

The red case came with a 'Gorgeous By Gok' set I was given, and contained two body washes, a body scrub, two body butters, a bath essence and a puff (is that even what they're called?!). I really like the smell of this range as it's so luxurious. I really would recommend getting some if you see it reduced in the sales, as it's pretty cheap considering the quality and scent!

I think the No. 7 giftset has got to be my favourite present as it has SO many goodies in it! FIVE make up brushes (there's a picture of these bad boys below - they're so soft and I love the pattern on the handles!), a full size mascara, an eyeshadow palette with six colours, a full size Protect and Perfect Day and Night Cream, a small Protect and Perfect serum, a Heavenly Moisture Face Mask, eye make up remover, a lip balm(/gloss) in shade Marshmallow, and a pack of wipes. I think I remember seeing this before Christmas and it was on special reduced from around £60 to around £25 which is SO good! Did anyone else get any of the No 7 sets for Christmas or in the sales?
I'm playing around with the mascara and lipgloss at the moment and will do a thorough review when I've got a bit of wear out of them.

As you can see, I also got some Morrocan Oil (100ml) and Clinique Toner (400ml) which are some of my beauty staples. I honestly think that Morrocan Oil is the one product that I cannot live without; it's just made my hair 100 times better. I used to have such knotty hair meaning that brushing it after washing was an absolute nightmare. I'd either leave it a matted mess or hack away at it and subsequently destroy my hair. Now, my hair is so soft and I can brush it so much easier; it's also grown a lot recently which I think is because it's in better condition and not breaking off after a certain point. I ran out of my last bottle a couple of weeks ago and found my hair to be so damn knotty again so I was  so happy to get this.
I've been using Clinique Toner for god knows how long, and I use it now maybe a bit out of habit. It may be psychological but my skin never feels completely clean until I've used this toner so I'm so glad I got a big bottle!

Finally, I got a Yankee Candle in 'Apple Cider' which smells delicious. It smells so spicy and sweet and fizzy and has such a strong scent when burning. I have always loved Yankee candles but have never had this one before. I think my ma got it from TKMaxx for £9.99, which is a lot cheaper than normal, so I'd definitely recommend looking there before you go anywhere else. I buy all my candles from TKMaxx and can spend so long sniffing everything they have in there!

Good god, sorry I've rambled for so long! I think I'll maybe talk about my sale finds in my next post because this is already so long!

I really hope you all had a lovely Christmas. Please let me know what presents you're loving!

Also, with some Christmas money I'm going to buy a new foundation because I think Healthy Mix is making me break out (my skin is SO sensitive at the moment). Does anyone have any recommendations? I'd love to hear what everyone else swears by!

Have a super Wednesday!
Lots of love,
Lucy xxxx


  1. Love the brushes!!
    hope you had an amazing Christmas, and a happy New Year!!!

    xoxo, maria

  2. They're gorgeous aren't they?!
    Thank you, you too! xxxx

  3. amazing blog! please check mine out?

  4. I absolutely adore Morrocan Oil! Pity its so expensive!

    By the way, great blog! <3 it!


  5. @Niamh: I know what you mean it is so expensive, I only really get it as a present. They do other argan oils which seem a lot cheaper but I've never tried any of them. Have you? xxxx

  6. Lovely presents :-) this post is really not helping my overwhelming desire to buy Morrocan Oil, that stuff seems amaazzingg!! I liked the look of that huge No7 gift set instore, looks like a lot of really use-able stuff which is great to find in a gift set!

    Phoebe x

  7. arghhh I really want the freak perfume!

  8. @inbeautyland Haha sorry, I just keep going on about it because I bloody love it! My friends have used some of the cheaper argan oil products and absolutely love them. Maybe try them first before splashing out on Moroccan Oil?! It is such a treat to use! xx

    @Laura I knoooow it's absolutely lush! I was so happy when I opened it. xx


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