Friday, 16 December 2011

Lucy likes mascaras!

Hola Senoritas (and Senors),

Hope you’ve all had a brilliant week and are getting offensively excited about Christmas! I know I seriously am after seeing all the Christmas lights on Carnaby Street yesterday (so damn cool). 

Anyway, I was rummaging through my make up a few days ago and began to realise that I have an unhealthy obsession with buying mascaras. I seem to buy a new one most times I go shopping and, although I like the ones I own, I can't stop myself from buying more. So, I though I'd review four mascaras that I use most regularly (and one that came with GlossyBox this month).

Here are the beauties:
From left to right, 'Avon's Supershock', Benefit's 'They're Real!',
Loreal's 'Volume Million Lashes', Maybelline's 'Volum' Express Falsies', 'Blink and Go'

Right, I'll start with Avon's Supershock mascara which is, at the moment, the cheapest mascara I'm reviewing (currently half price at £5.00). This mascara has an absolutely massive plastic brush which I really love. I feel like it really separates my lashes and does give really good volume and length. I think you can definitely get away with wearing it throughout the day as it's not too dramatic. Basically, I would really recommend this for people who love plastic brushes (I know that some people aren't really a fan) as for the price it is so good, although personally I didn't find that it curled my lashes at all so you would definitely need to go to town with the eyelash curlers beforehand.

Secondly, I'll talk about Benefit's 'They're Real!' which is easily my favourite mascara at the moment. It has a plastic brush which, again, I like, as well as dome at the end of the brush which is brilliant for getting the smaller bottom lashes and corners. This formulation seems a lot less drying that Benefit's 'Bad Gal' which I am a big fan of. I find this mascara almost too good though, which sounds absolutely ridiculous, but it makes my lashes so full and long (especially my bottom lashes) that it almost looks like I'm wearing false lashes (which I know is the point of the product!). Because of this I don't often wear this mascara in the daytime, but when I do I get lots of compliments for it. It is the most expensive of the ones that I'm reviewing but I do think the price is reflected in the the product.

Next, L'oreal's 'Volume Million Lashes' which is, yet a-bloody-gain, a plastic brush. This is probably one of my favourite daytime mascara as it looks so damn natural, really separates the lashes and gives good length and volume. Although, if you want dramatically long lashes or dramatic volume I really don't think you'd like this product as it is fairly light.

Right, FINALLY onto some bristle brushes! Maybelline's 'Volume Express Falsies' is probably on par with 'Volume Million Lashes' although the curved brush really helps to give better curl and shape. I think this brush grips the lashes so well but I find it needs a couple of coats before you get a strong result.

I've only tried the 'Blink & Go' mascara once but the first application was pretty damn impressive. It went on so easily that I only needed one coat in order to make my lashes look so long. However, I don't think that this mascara is very good at creating volume and can therefore make my lashes look quite spidery. It did stay on for whole day, despite my continuous eye-rubbing. I therefore think that this mascara is ideal for people who want longer lashes; my primary concern is volume so that's probably why it didn't completely float my boat.

Finally, I've found that coating my eyelashes in Vaseline before I go to sleep every night has made them the longest they have ever been. I would genuinely recommend it, as I've received so many compliments on the length of my lashes since I've started doing it. Cheeky little tip there!

What are you favourite mascaras?
I got a few bits yesterday if any of you would be interested in seeing a mini haul?

Happy Friday :)
Lots of love,
Lucy xxxx


  1. Love the Falsies one the most!

    New post on.....


  2. Deborah mascara is my favourite one! I'm usting it till today!
    Following you now!:D

  3. @AngeliqueDama Ohhh I've never heard of Deborah mascara. Is that what it's called? Would love to look it up and try it! Thanks for the idea and thank you for following :) xxx


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