Monday, 19 December 2011

Lucy likes hauls!


Thought I'd show you some of my recent purchases - some Primark pieces and then a few cosmetic-y bits. Really shouldn't have been buying stuff this month, but I think I've got the majority of Christmas presents sorted so I think  it's alright! Are you all sorted for Christmas? I am so bloomin' excited it's ridiculous!

Right I'll start with the clothing bits from Primark:

Primark: £8 (I think).It came with a yellow ribbon around the neck
but I was only after it for the cute double collar  so that quickly got thrown away.
I think this top is so damn cute; ideal for the summer with denim shorts,
as well as at the moment underneath chunky jumpers. I do love a nautical theme! 
Primark: £12.00 (again, I think - sorry I'm not more helpful!).
I bought this because it's so similar in shape and detailing to a jumper
I bought last winter from Zara and have consequentially worn to death.
Absolutely love this colour at the moment and I'll definitely wear it a lot
underneath my parka, with jeggings and Chelsea boots when I'm feeling lazy.
Primark: £5.00 (FIVE BLOOMIN' POUNDS! What a bargain!)
If you saw my earlier post, 'What Lucy is liking at the moment',
you'll see that I'm a big fan of scalloped edges and cute collars;
so happy with this purchase as I get all that for £5.00!
Not too sure about the material though.. it does feel a little cheap
and clingy but it'll be such a nice layering piece.
Primark: £10.00. I think this is probably my favourite recent purchase
as I feel like it looks so much more expensive  than £10.
I love the pleat detailing and the covered buttons,
and it's so simple for Primark, which I think is a good thing!
I've been looking for a nude shirt for a while and have bought,
and soon returned, a few that didn't fit right or suit my colouring. 
I also bought some Chelsea boots, a snood, some earrings and a candle (bit random!):

Primark: £15.00 I have been looking for a pair of tan Chelsea boots for-bloomin'-ever
but all other pairs have seemed to look a little bit odd on me,
or have strange details which I've not been a fan of. I really like
these from Primark as they're fairly simple and feel surprisingly sturdy.
Primark: £4.00
Love the colour of this snood, and the aztec print!
Earrings from Primark (both £2.00); Candle from Muji (£3.50)
My housemate always recommends Muji candles so I popped in and got myself
 one, and one as a Christmas present. I bought the 'Caramel and Roasted Almonds'
and 'Jasmine and Black Olive' ones and they both smell gorgeous,
although I haven't burnt them yet so we shall see!
Finally, on to some make up and nail varnishes:

Left: Lipstick in Nevada (Topshop: £8.00); Right: Lipstick in Blankety (MAC: £13.50)
Really like nude lipsticks at the moment and these two are so pigmented
and have such a nice finish. I think Blankety is probably my favourite of the two,
seeing as it is slightly browner, which suits my colouring.
They look so nice paired with Topshop's lipgloss in 'Antique', as well.
Barry M Nail Paint (Both £2.99) L: Silver Cascade R: Once Upon a Time
I've been looking for some super glittery nail varnishes for ages
and am such a massive fan of Barry M nail paint so was so happy
when I found these in Oxford Circus's Topshop.
I also bought Topshop's Blush in 'Pop', Sally Hansen's 'Hard as Nails' nail strengthener, Revlon's PhotoReady Concealer and Blistex's MedPlus (my lips are absolutely wrecked from the cold!) but I think that I've rambled enough so won't include pictures of them!

Have you found any gems recently?
Hope you've all had a good Monday; only SIX days until Christmas!

Lots of love,
Lucy xxx


  1. I am in love with the red jumper! I might have to hunt one down in my local Primark :) you got some bargains!

  2. Your Primark haul is amazing! I went yesterday and found nothing - no fair! xx

  3. MAC has amazing lipsticks, i can't get enough of them, and i am all kinds of crazy for glitterish nail polishes so yeah i do like this post and i am a tad jealous of your haul (kidding!)
    can you check out my blog?
    i have an interesting post-debate: good girls vs bad girls
    come and choose your side,which one are you? which one do you wanna be?
    i'd be delightful if i had you checking it out...

  4. LOVE it!

    You have so mnay cute stores where you live ,3


  5. Them chelsea boots are to die for, and for £15! Ah, we need to go in Primark soon.

  6. Both those Barry M nail varnishes are of really good quality and I am definitely well jel of your haul! It's times like these when my inner shoppaholic is dying for a bit of retail therapy!

    Love your blog by the way, it you get the time check mine out and become a follower

  7. LOVE everything! rushing out to buy most of this with my christmas money. great finds.

  8. @Josie it's so annoying when that happens isn't it?! I find Primark so hit and miss! xxx

    @Megan I'm so glad you've said that, I was worried they'd be a bit watery and require like fifteen coats. Very excited to paint my nails with them! xxxx

  9. I buy so much from Primark, nearly everytime I go in I can come out with atleast one thing! Its prices are amazing since you don't feel bad if your customising something and it goes wrong!

    Lovely jumper too x

  10. @Mia I know what you mean, because you just assume it will be cheap you just keep grabbing and then it always adds up (obviously!) xxxxx

  11. Thank you for your lovely comment on my blog :)

    I can't believe I didn't see that jumper when I went to Primark, I love it! So jealous, I have been looking for that Once upon a time nail polish everywhere! :) xx

  12. Lovely blog!

  13. Nice purchases! I didn't see half that stuff when I went to Primark :\
    Love the look of the nail polishes too :)

  14. I'm loving those earrings and chelsea boots! I never go to Primark these days; a wee bit too cheap for moi! But great bargains nonetheless.


  15. Hey Lucy, i had to come by and check for new posts, i see that you haven´t posted yet anything new, so i am just gonna thank you for following my blog
    you have no idea how happy you made me.
    thank you so so so much
    marianne of
    have a merry merry christmas
    by the way i have a brand new inspirational post check it out!

  16. Thanks for having a look at my blog!
    I definitely recommend the MUA palette, it's a brilliant alternative to the Naked palette.

  17. All of the Primark items are fabulous and such a good price! It's such a shame I never find anything I like when I'm in there, always way too busy <3

  18. You could search for eyeshadow pressing videos on YouTube and see if you could fix the broken eyeshadows? I think it just consists of using alcohol and then mushing them back together, and it'll save you a couple of quid :)

  19. @jules I find Primark a bit hit and miss, sometimes you can see why it's so cheap but then sometimes it's exactly the same quality as other high street stores but for so much cheaper. I love it because it is cheap and means I can wear things only a couple of times and not feel guilty! xxxx

    @Marianne M. Thank you for coming back to have a look! I'm going to buy some hair dye and attempt a DIY job tomorrow so I'll put some before and after pictures up, if it's not a complete disaster (!) which I hope you'll like! I'll definitely have a look at your new post and I hope you have a brilliant Christmas too! xxxx

    @Lidiya I know what you mean, it definitely takes a lot of patience and if I'm in a rush I come away with nothing, or absolute rubbish! xxxx

    @Roza Thank you so much for the tips, I'm definitely going to try to patch it together! xx

  20. Fab haul!!

    Sadie x

  21. Love love LOVE all the shirts from Primark, I just adore floaty tops, they make an outfit instantly vintage looking and chic :-)

    Phoebe x

  22. WOW i need to get myself to Primark!! Amazinggg value for money there.
    Love your blog girl :)


  23. I need those Barry M polishes in my life! I've been loving glitter polishes lately - although they're a complete nightmare to remove xx

  24. Looks like you had an amazing Primark run, some definite goodies in there!
    We haven't been in ages so a visit is in order!
    JS xx

  25. Love the haul! Those Barry M polishes look amazing!! :)


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